Predicting Students’ Transformation to Maximum Depressive Disorder and Level of Suicidal Tendency

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Suicide is an instance of taking own life intentionally. The second main reason behind the death of young persons aged amid 10 to 24 years is suicide. Depression and unhappiness leads the people to commit suicides. Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) or simply ‘depression’ can be mild or severe that engages lack of curiosity and joy towards usual activities and low mood. It can be short-lived or chronic. The paradox is that, among the most treatable problems, depression is the one and it can be cured with the help of medication and psychotherapy. Suicides can be prevented by measuring the level of depression. An online questionnaire has been developed to assess the depression level of a person and predicted the suicide tendency by applying two machine learning algorithms LVQ(Learning Vector Quantization) and KNN(K-Nearest Neighbor). The study shows that LVQ, an exceptional case of neural network gives more accuracy than the KNN model.

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